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Predator II

The design incorporates a full length keel, a propeller tunnel to reduce the shaft angle and a fine entry bow for a smooth weather ride.

Fitted with an Iveco NEF 420hp engine, Predator II has a top speed of 30 knots and has a comfortable cruising speed of approximately 20 knots, depending on weather conditions.  This means more time fishing and less time travelling!! 

Predator II fully complies with the Maritime and Coastguard Agency's "Code of Practice" for operation up to 60 NM from a safe haven, day or night and is licensed to carry 10 passengers plus crew. For your comfort we suggest that you limit your angling party to a maximum of 9.

As you would expect from a modern charter boat there is a deck entry toilet as well as a heated cabin.  A fully fitted galley ensures that there are plenty of hot drinks available throughout the day as well as a fully stocked biscuit tin!!!

Predator II carries an extensive electronics package which has been supplied by Cactus Navigation & Communication.

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