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Booking Terms & Conditions

A deposit of £150.00 is required to secure a full boat charter & to secure an individual space the full cost is required. This will be returned in full under the following circumstances:

1. The skipper, as a result of bad weather, cancels the trip.
2. The customer cancels the charter or place for whatever reason, providing at least twenty eight days notice are given.
3. The customer cancels the charter for whatever reason within twenty eight days of the trip and the boat is able to secure another booking. Please note that a short notice cancellation of less that fourteen days, which results in the boat not being employed, or the individual place not being filled may render the customer liable for 75% (seventy five per cent) of the full charter fee, or the full cost of any individual place where applicable.

No claim against the operator will be accepted in the event of illness, vessel breakdown or any event beyond his control, including any "'Fish Species Bans" in force at the time.

The skipper reserves the right to alter the type of trip or target species on the day when conditions would be unsuitable for the type of fishing planned. Under these circumstances, anglers are still expected to honour their bookings. When changes occur, charter rates for the day may change to reflect the type of trip achieved.

Please bring or wear suitable clothing. It can get very cold on a boat, even in the summer. Footwear should be waterproof and have non-slip soles. 

Please contact the skipper if you have any concerns regarding the weather.  It is his decison as to whether it is safe to put to sea.  If necessary he will contact you the night before if there are any changes to the agreed trip taking place.

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